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Posted 2 years ago


was gonna draw Regencystuck Dave and Rose but idk, none of them were coming out so i drew Dirk instead.  a bit lazy but w/e.

i really like the idea Marie and i came up with for Dirk and Roxy in this AU…i might do more drawings of them….

Posted 2 years ago

In Which Dirk Strider Gets Serious

Title: In Which Dirk Strider Gets Serious

Fandom: Homestuck

Genre: Unrequited Love/Hurt/Comfort

Characters/Pairings: Dirk Strider/Jake English

Warnings: Mild swearing and blood

Summary:  In Which Dirk Strider Gets Really Angry, Then Really Sad, Then Really Determined To Kiss Jake English On The Mouth

For Alec (happy belated Valentine’s)

Posted 2 years ago



rumminov’s  dreamer outfits, with all the injustice of me drawing them


No way this in an injustice omg I’m in love

It’s hard so I won’t say it at all

And I won’t stay very long

But you are the life I needed all along

I think of you as my brother,

Although that sounds dumb

And words are futile devices…

Guys I just…can’t help but feel like Futile Devices by Sufjan Stevens is the perfect song for these two (mostly for Roxy lyrics-wise, but the sentiment fits them both!)

I just have…way more feelings about these two than I thought I would!?